About Us

Hey gorgeous!

My name is Sarah and I started Love Saia because I was sick of tossing my skirts aside in favour of more 'sensible' outfit choices. Has anyone else been there? You pull a cute dress out and then realise.. there's no way you can wear it out AND have a fun time. It will ride up, or twist around, or you'll flash everyone when you dance.

I started looking for a solution. I was getting so ANNOYED at blogs saying 'it's because your skirt is too tight', or 'try taking small steps'. Seriously?

I started thinking about non slip silicone and how it's used in bras and shapewear, on the inside, to help keep things in place. I road tested a few ideas (think safety pins, elastic with silicone, bike shorts and heaps of dancing). I had samples made. I designed these shorts for myself, but thought- I can't be the only one who wants to feel comfortable in a short skirt. And Love Saia was born!

'Saia' means skirt in Brazilian Portuguese. I have always admired the Brazilian culture in the way it embraces every body type. Curves? Beautiful. Petite? Amazing. Big booty? The dream. So, this brand is about empowering you to LOVE wearing your skirt again. We want you to wear what you want and FEEL CONFIDENT, knowing that Love Saia has your back (and your bum).